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Where it all began

Coyote Dental is dedicated to helping you find affordable quality dental care in Mexico.

Dental Care is expensive...and we have a solution!

Dental care is expensive and can be virtually unaffordable for both people with and without insurance. This is why Coyote Dental provides quality, pre-screened referrals, and transportation from Tucson to Nogales, allowing you to save up to 70% on your dental care.

Dr. Mark McMahon - Founder/CEO

His clients benefit by receiving huge savings on their dental care while adding to the quality of their lifestyle.

The founder of Coyote Dental, Dr. Mark McMahon, is a graduate of the University of Pacific School of Dentistry. His father, Dr. William McMahon, was also a dentist who practiced in Tucson, AZ for over 35 years. Dr. Mark carried on his father’s legacy of caring for patients and providing affordable care.

Dr. Mark established his own expertise in the area of cosmetic dentistry and created a company to help other dentists market their practices. In 1999 he was blessed with the good fortune to sell his practice and marketing company. Thereafter, he embarked on a 2-1/2 year solo driving odyssey from Tucson to the southern tip of South America! Through this experience he developed many entrepreneurial projects as an author, photographer and videographer.

Returning to his roots in dentistry, Coyote Dental is a natural combination of Dr. Mark’s dental background and his passion for adventure travel. His clients benefit by receiving huge savings on their dental care while adding to the quality of their lifestyle.

Jane Pavone - Director of Operations

Her clients benefit by receiving a personalized and heartfelt experience with Coyote Dental.

Jane provides the logistical aspects of the company, ensuring that all of Coyote Dental’s clients are paired up with the best dentist for their unique situation. 

Jane Pavone’s career spans over 40 years. She was a news editor, anchor, reporter and producer, in both print and television, working in New York, Arizona ,and California. She also served as the Director of Promotions and Public Relations at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. Then joined an international energy company building and developing infrastructure in Europe and Asia. Working at Coyote Dental she’s been able to bring her extensive experience to a new, rewarding level by helping people get affordable, quality dental care.

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What can Coyote Dental do to help me?

  • Help with coordinating your travel arrangements to and from the Dentist in Mexico
  • Provide you with an estimated quote for the dental treatment you are looking to have performed
  • Provide you with lodging options at one of our preferred hotel partners with a special discounted rate
  • Schedule an appointment for you with one of our pre-screened, trusted Dentists in Mexico
  • Shuttle you to the border, escort you to the dentists office and bring you back
  • Check up on you after your appointment to make sure everything is doing great
Visit the Dentist in Mexico

save up to 70% on your dental care

We provide free referrals to only the best dentists in mexico

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