How it Works

Coyote Dental pairs you up with some of the best dentists in Mexico so you can enjoy your dental vacation. Here's how it works.

We want to make your trip to the dentist in Mexico as easy as possible. Knowing how it works and what to expect will help your dental vacation go as smooth as possible. 


Tell us about your situation and talk to our team

Fill out our quick and simple contact form so we can get a better idea of how we can help you get high quality and affordable dental care in Mexico.

Then Dr. Mark, or one of our trusted referral representatives will get in contact with you to discuss your needs so we can make sure to refer you to the best dentist in Mexico for your specific needs. 


schedule your appointment with a dentist in mexico

After we spend some time with you on the phone determining your needs, we’ll schedule your visit with a Coyote Dental approved dentist in Mexico. We visit each and every dentist that we refer to. We want to make sure they live up to the standards we set for cleanliness, sterilization, quality of work, and staying ahead of the curve with technology. Our dentists have some of the most advanced dental clinics in the world.

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cross the border and come back with a smile

For the convenience of our clients we offer a shuttle service to the dentist and back. We escort you to the dental office and back across. Using the shuttle isn’t required. Bring your driver’s license or birth certificate and we’ll take care of the rest! We have exclusive pricing at local hotels for Coyote Dental clients, and if you want to cross the border yourself, we can help you with that too! 

Visit the Dentist in Mexico

save up to 70% on your dental care

We provide free referrals to only the best dentists in mexico

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Sitting in the chair - How it works

What can you expect when you are sitting in the dentist chair in Mexico, besides saving money?

pano xray of teeth at the dentist clinic in mexico

get your panoramic xray

Your examination begins with a quick stop for a panoramic x-ray. There are no uncomfortable pieces of film or long wait times. You will be asked to bite down on a thin piece of plastic and in about 60 seconds a panoramic image of your mouth will be waiting in your exam room. These pictures will be amazingly clear, sharp, and easy to see.

a dentist and patient discussing an xray

Meet with your Dentist

Your dentist will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth, discuss the issues you are facing, and ask a few questions. If a specialist is required, they will be brought into the room to consult as well. Then the dentist will review your x-ray with you, present a treatment plan, and give you the cost of everything in writing. Your are also encouraged to ask any questions you may have.

a dentist in mexico performing a treatment on a patient


Your treatment begins the same day if you choose to proceed. Or, you may schedule a return visit if you prefer. Generally, you will see the same doctor for all of your dental work unless you require specialized care. You may schedule your follow up appointments at the end of your treatment or by calling our office if you prefer.

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Same Day Crowns

If your treatment plan calls for a porcelain crown, these will be digitally fabricated on site while the doctor completes your treatment. Unless your case requires a wait for healing, you will leave with the work completed and a permanent crown in place. Most root canals can be completed the same day in only a couple of hours.



If time permits, have lunch or browse the shops in Mexico. Your driver can help you find the best shops in the area or where to find some of the most outstanding authentic Mexican food. If you’re in the mood for a shot of Tequila, we can point you in the right direction too. Additionally, many of our clients choose to take advantage of the huge savings on their prescriptions at the local pharmacies in Mexico while they are down there.


Return to the U.S.

Your group will meet you in the lobby of our partner clinics for your return to the US. As you cross back over, you will present your birth certificate and ID or your passport at the border. You’ll enjoy a leisurely drive to your starting destination. Many of our clients have made new friends on these excursions.

Save up to 70% with a Dentist in Mexico